The main focus of the company is the production and sale of cellular polycarbonate IN Russia and abroad.
The company created 2 brands of cellular polycarbonate: ECOVICE and GROSS-PC. when creating it, we tried to eliminate all the shortcomings of previous years ' products. Our factory has installed the latest, high-tech lines for the production of cellular polycarbonate. Line capacity up to 800,000 m2 per month. Qualified specialists and modern equipment make it possible to obtain polycarbonate plastic that meets both Russian and international quality standards. You can get acquainted with the manufactured products.

Advantages of cellular polycarbonate

  • Strength

    A special UV layer is applied to the finished polycarbonate sheets, or the raw material of cellular polycarbonate is mixed with UV additives (UV in mass). They do this in order to protect the plastic from UV radiation and destructurization.

  • Increased thermal insulation properties

    Cellular polycarbonate has excellent insulation characteristics due to its shape. This provides little heat loss when compared to solid glazing materials. This amazing property has found application in the construction of greenhouses, winter gardens, light Windows, etc.

  • High impact strength

    The material has excellent protection against hail, careless handling or intentional damage. SEC panels have very high anti-shock properties.
    Temperature range from -40 to +120 °C

Cellular polycarbonate is also called cellular plastic – a type of plastic produced from high-quality material through the use of modern technology by melting granules and giving the mass a special shape. In the end, you get hollow sheets that contain several layers of polycarbonate, connected by internal stiffeners.

Our company has a wide range of polycarbonate sheets in different colors ( transparent and colored) and thicknesses. Thanks to this variety, it will be easy to choose polycarbonate for any field. Today, cellular polycarbonate is in great demand because its use is relevant even in the most aggressive conditions.

Due to its performance properties, cellular polycarbonate is a practical and versatile material. High light transmission, impact resistance, excellent thermal insulation, resistance to loads – the company EKOVIS guarantees all these qualities. In the production of SPC, our manufacturer uses only high-quality raw materials produced by the KAZANORGSINTEZ plant. Thanks to UV-additives that are part of this raw material, the sheets of cellular polycarbonate become resistant to UV radiation. The warranty period for polycarbonate sheets is at least 10 years.

When installing cellular polycarbonate, no special skills are required. The strength and flexibility of the material makes it easy to carry out installation work. During operation, the material does not require special care. Of course, it is worth noting that one of the most important characteristics is the low cost of this building material!

Polycarbonate makes it possible to create optimal conditions for early harvest in greenhouses. Polycarbonate sheets are widely used as a practical and very reliable building material for the installation of Parking lots, stops and canopies.

It should be noted that cellular polycarbonate quickly became popular in the Russian market of building materials due to its advantages over acrylic panels, glass, the moment, the SEC occupies a leading position in terms of strength and light transmission. The service life of this material is also high – 10-15 years. It is worth noting that cellular polycarbonate is relatively inexpensive.

The thickness of cellular polycarbonate sheets

We produce polycarbonate sheets with a thickness of 3.5, 4, 6, 8, 10 mm. These are the most common parameters in Russia.
Special attention should be paid to the fact that thin sheets are in great demand on the Russian market – polycarbonate sheet with a thickness of 4 mm occupies a leading position.

Quality products at reasonable prices!
The possibility of placing an order for individual lengths and colors of cellular polycarbonate.

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