Payment options for products

Production of polycarbonate is closely linked to the purchase of imported raw materials of the first grade (primary unprocessed PC granules), so the only possible payment method will be 100% prepayment. However, there are cases when we go to meet the client and are ready to offer more flexible terms of cooperation. Each case is discussed individually, within the framework of the relationship between the client and the plant.

Delivery and receipt of goods

1. Delivery in Moscow and the Moscow region is carried out using your or our transport ( mainly trucks, with a capacity of ~500 sheets of SEC)
2. Delivery in Russia is carried out either by trucks (any transport company of your choice), or by Russian Railways to remote regions (for example, Vladivostok, Sakhalin, Novosibirsk);
3. International delivery to other regions is carried out by land transport (if there is a land connection). When carrying out sea freight, transportation is carried out under the terms of EXW / FCA under Incoterms 2018.

We are open to cooperation in all areas and are not limited to these items - for each wholesale order, these conditions are discussed.

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