Production of cellular polycarbonate

For cellular polycarbonate, we use three lines 24/7, with a total capacity of 150,000 sheets per month

Cellular polycarbonate: Plastic is made from high-quality polycarbonate by extrusion, which involves melting the granules and squeezing this mass through a special shape that determines the structure and construction of the sheet.

In the production of sheets, thanks to the special design of the adapters and the extrusion head, the upper wall and the lower wall with ribs are formed by different extruders.

It is possible to more precisely adjust the wall thickness and evenly distribute the material in the sheet. These design solutions allow you to increase line productivity and improve product quality.

Hollow sheets are obtained in which 2 or more layers of polycarbonate are connected by internal longitudinal stiffeners oriented in the direction of the sheet length.

Characteristics of our cellular polycarbonate
Cellular plastic has good thermal insulation properties, impact resistance, high light transmission, thermal insulation properties. The impact resistance of polycarbonate sheets is higher than that of any other type of plastic, and if compared with glass, this difference is 200-fold.
Our production has three lines for uninterrupted casting of SEC 24/7. The plant is equipped with separators and dust collectors so that the coating will not remain dust and dirt; at the output of the line, the sheets are Packed in pallets, with mandatory protection of the plastic edge.
The size of polycarbonate sheets is 2100x12000 or 2100x6000 mm, with a thickness of 3.5 to 10 mm. SPK has a very good sound and heat insulation, this material can be bent in cold form, withstands snow and wind loads. Polycarbonate of ECOVICE and GROSS-PC brands is protected from UV rays, which affects the service life of the plastic. SPC also has a low specific weight - 3 times lighter than acrylic and 10 times lighter than glass.

The structure of our standard single-chamber sheet is 2R (square). It is worth noting that at the moment we do not produce wavy polycarbonate as well as profiled and lock.
We care about the durability of operation
Cellular polycarbonate produced by the Ecovis plant is of high quality and highly resistant to UV radiation-the protection layer is mandatory for all types of coating and is at least 180 microns, which is a guarantee of trouble-free operation for 7 (eurotek), 10 (Ecovis) and 15 (gross-Pisi) years.

The transmittance of light to cover
The optical transparency of cellular polycarbonate depends on the thickness of the sheets, color, structure, and the presence of special layers, so it is possible to choose a material with the necessary light transmission coefficient. For transparent polycarbonate, the light transmission rate ranges from 83% to 90%. In color panels, the degree of light transmission varies from 20% to 70% - from matte (including black) to colored transparent sheets.

Production of monolithic polycarbonate

The IPC casting process is not easy - the IPC line operates 24/7 at the Ecovice plant

Polycarbonate granules are poured into the extruder, mixed with a stabilizer and an ultraviolet agent - protection from UV rays is also available in the mass of MPC

Monolithic polycarbonate sheets are formed with the specified thickness, together with all additives, color (if available) , and a protective UV coating is applied on top of the sheet

At the output, we get a ready-made sheet of monolithic plastic, cleared of dust and impurities, in a protective film. To prevent scratches on the IPC, the sheet is Packed in protective pallets

We are official manufacturers in Moscow!

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Flexible terms of cooperation

  • Sheet size on demand

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  • A variety of payment options

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  • Delivery in a short time of any batch

О заводе

Наша компания имеет широкий ассортимент поликарбонатных листов разных цветов (прозрачные и цветные) и толщин. Благодаря такому разнообразию вам будет легко выбрать поликарбонат для любой сферы. На сегодняшний день сотовый поликарбонат пользуется большим спросом т.к. его применение актуально даже в самых агрессивных условиях.

Основным направлением компании ЭКОВИС является производство и продажа сотового поликарбоната в России и за рубежом.

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