< h2>products of the Ekovis plant: cellular and monolithic polycarbonate, components and protective profiles< / h2>

The main focus of the company is the production and sale of cellular polycarbonate IN Russia and abroad. Since January 2015, the company has been actively developing, and already in 2019 it has four polycarbonate lines (three for cellular and one monolithic line) for 24-hour plastic casting and one separate line for manufacturing components for mounting and protecting the coating.

< b>the Main brands of cellular polycarbonate are Eurotek, Ecovice and Gross-PC. How do they differ?< / b>
- Eurotek-coating created specifically for greenhouses and hotbeds. The composition includes an innovative stabilizer that cuts off some of the harmful UV rays, leaving only the red spectrum, so necessary for plants and crops. The coating is available in a range of thickness from 3.5 to 10 mm and a large color palette (18 colors). In terms of density, it is not quite suitable for larger structures (pavilions, canopies), and has good thermal insulation properties
- Ecovice is suitable for canopies, pavilions and large structures. It has improved resistance to mechanical and other loads, the density is the standard for the polycarbonate market in the CIS (4mm-0.65 kg / m2). It is protected from ultraviolet radiation and has a service life of 10-15 years.
- Gross-PC material premium level, suitable where others can not cope. It is manufactured according to international quality standards, with a high density (4mm-0.8 kg / m2). The nearest analogues are Lexan and Makrolon.

< b>Monolithic coating
Ecovice monolithic polycarbonate will please you with its operational properties and humane price. Having a strength that exceeds silicate glass by 250 times, this type of plastic has found application in almost every sphere of life-from advertising stickers to cars. Lightweight and at the same time resistant to any atmospheric phenomena, polycarbonate is represented by a thickness of 2 to 15 mm in two colors (transparent and bronze)

how to secure and how to protect?< / b>
To do this, we produce a whole line of components-end profiles for polycarbonate, connecting split and all-in-one profile.
- The end profile will protect the edges of the honeycomb from mechanical impact and destruction, increasing the service life almost twice. Using it together with a vapor-permeable tape will help prevent contamination and insects from getting inside the honeycomb
- The connecting frame profile is presented in the form of "base" and "cover". Fixing, create a strong connection mainly at the joints of the coating

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