Cellular polycarbonate for any application, from the manufacturer in Moscow

Cellular polycarbonate has been used in a hundred different areas. The light transmission of the coating is 92% for transparent sheets, which makes this type of cellular plastic an ideal substitute for glass. It is 50 times more durable than glass, and it does not break or burst when bending , which makes polycarbonate easy to form. Our coating in the mass has a stabilizer that protects against UV400 UV rays, increasing the service life several times, compared with analogues

Sizes and prices of cellular polycarbonate that we produce

Three brands to choose from:
- Eurotek - designed for greenhouses. The mass uses an innovative coating stabilizer that allows you to reach (from 1530 rubles per sheet of 4 mm, 6 meters long or 121.5 rubles per m2)

- Ecovice - for canopies and pavilions and other structures. It has a good resistant coating from hail and solid precipitation (from 1600 rubles per sheet of 4mm, 6 meters long or 127 rubles per m2)

- Gross-PC - the highest quality and dense polycarbonate made according to world quality standards. All sheets have UV protection (from 1800 rubles per sheet 4mm length of 6 meters or 140 rubles per m2).

Sizes that are available: 2.10 x 6.00 meters or 2.10 x 12.00 meters. At the same time, it is possible to order a batch of coating for your size. Cutting polycarbonate is made directly at the factory.

Non-use of secondary raw materials, as well as the use of primary PC granules (LG Chemical, Sabic int.) prevent yellowing, excessive fragility and extend the service life up to 20 years.

The color palette is presented from transparent (standard) to complex color solutions (milk, bronze, turquoise)

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The GROSS-PC company carries out wholesale deliveries on favorable terms across Russia and abroad. If you want to get an up-to-date price list with prices, fill in the fields below. Our managers will promptly contact you as soon as possible.

Flexible terms of cooperation

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